Monday, March 3, 2014

Winner, Winner... Chicken Dinner, here.  LOADS o' art will be winding its way to OUR lucky Winners, though!  Read on for the scoop on the Grand Finale of the Great ReMe Blog Hop.

First off, we would like to thank EVERY one who joined us on this virtual adventure by visiting our blogs and sharing their kind words and stories!  This is one case where it is not an exaggeration to say that we couldn't have done this without you.  Many have told us that they appreciated getting to know new artists throughout this month of sharing.  To that, I'd say:  "Mission Accomplished!"  A large part of being an artist is finding an audience for the work that drives you to create.  We are just as thrilled to have found new fans!

Using the random number generator at RANDOM.ORG, we have selected the winners of the individuals works at each of our blogs and the Grand Prize Winner here at ReMe.  Without further ado, I give you our Winners!
First up, over at Jean Skipper Originals, the Winner of this one of a kind Reach pendant/necklace created by Jean is:  Lynn!

  I love your theme of "Reach". That is what I have done been doing. Went to my first art retreat in the summer of 2011 after having lost my husband in 2010. I was reaching for light and happiness and maybe even a distraction. I met Jodi later that same year at AIY in Stamford, and I've been a fan ever since. Now I'm looking forward to meeting you & Penny, too!

Over at Sweet Repeats, the Winner of Jodi's limited edition print entitled Sunset Beach is:  Giggles!

Giggles said...
Beautiful work so full of whimsy and favorite!

I am going to write and create....

Hugs Giggles

Over at Thoughts Askance, the Winner of the UH*Os, upcycled Journal by Penny is:  Maureen Hayes!

I have actually learned a lot already from the posts about how to nourish my creative soul, but I was really touched by the post that Jean wrote for this part of the hop on reaching out to others. I think the world would be a better place if we all took the time to do this more often! Thanks for some wonderful food for thought and for giving me the dream of attending on of the retreats some day!

Finally, here at the ReMe blog, the Grand Prize Winner is:  Jenny Redmond!  Jenny writes:  :I've been a fan of Jodi's for awhile so the blog hop has introduced me to some NEW artists! I love Pinterest and always go there for art inspiration. Oh, how I wish I could attend the ReMe but I'm a little too far away."  She will receive our Trio of Artful Goodness:  Rest-Relax-Renew stamped copper necklace from Jean, Let the Sun Shine original painting on canvas from Jodi, and Yesteryear canvas covered Journal from yours truly (Penny)!  Congratulations, Jenny!  Please send your mailing address to us at: and we will package up your treasures and get them out to you Post Haste! 

 For more images and inspiration, don't forget to visit with us at Pinterest!  You can follow the ReMe Board to see what visual merriments we have to share and savor.
Visit ReMe's Pinterst Board

Again, our thanks to everyone who made our very first Blog Hop a rousing success!  We are so happy to have you along as we continue our dream-come-true journey.  We have more creative goodness in store!  To make sure you don't miss out on ANY of it, please consider subscribing to our Newsletter.  This 'inner circle' gets all the latest news and juicy details before anyone else.

Also, only a couple of spots remain for our return to Ocracoke in October!  You can make one of them yours by using the PayPal button at the upper left of this page.  We'd love to welcome you as a Student/Guest!  Should you have any questions or require additional information, give us shout at -- we're happy to help!

Friday, February 28, 2014

The Grande Finale! - OR - Week # 4 of the The Great ReMe Blog Hop

 Hale, and hearty greetings!  ...and the happiest of Fridays to you all!  After three weeks of hopping and sharing, we have arrived at the Fabled Week Four and The Grande Finale.

What more could there possibly be, you may be asking yourself?  Well, we have even MORE loot, for starters -- more on that in a minute...  We also have a whole NEW way to share the wonders of ReMe with you!  Why not check it out:

Follow us -- Find inspiration
Rest - Relax - Renew's only a click away!
We'll have regular updates and a steady stream of visual wonderments over on our ReMe Pinterest Board!  From class sample photos to images from our various offerings along with a host of things that inspire us.  It's a great way continue the stories that began on our Blog Hop, don't you think?

Oh, yes!  I did mention that there was *even more* Artful Loot.  We have combined our creative best to bring you a Phenomenal Finish to our February of Fridays together!  Feast your eyes on The Grand Prize:

That's right, gentle reader!  Not one, not two, but THREE lovely, hand wrought creations from the ReMe Founders/Hosts/Instructors!  The winner of this weeks Grande Finale Drawing will receive a Rest-Relax-Renew, stamped copper necklace from Jean Skipper, AND an original painting from Jodi Ohl, AND canvas-cover journal from Penny Arrowood!  

To enter, follow these easy steps:
   (1)  Leave a comment, here on the ReMe Blog.  Tell us your favorite discovery from the Blog Hop, or your favorite thing about Pinterest.
   (2)  For a bonus entry, share this blog post with your friends through any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) and leave another comment here -- tell us that you shared, and where you did it.

Simple enough, eh?  But we're not through, yet!  *what? WHAT?*  That's right!  You will have another opportunity to win work from each of us by visiting our individual blogs.  You can follow the easy links provided below to see what everyone has in store for 4th Friday fun.

All of the winners will be announced on Monday, March 3rd.  Be sure to visit again then for the Big News!

From all of us here at ReMe Retreats, thank you for joining in the fun, friendship, and fellowship of creativity during our very first Blog Hop.  If you have not yet done so, please join our mailing list so you don't miss out on any of the excitement *hint, hint:  new things are in the works & our subscribers get 1st dibs on everything!*

Note:  There are only a few spots remaining for our return to Ocracoke in October.  You can secure yours today by using the PayPal button in the upper left of this blog. We would love to have you!  For all of the details on the bounty of the ReMe Experience, visit the FAQ tab, above.  As always, should you have any questions or need additional information, give us a shout:!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 3 of our Blog Hop Winners and a Freebie for all!

Hi everyone!  Jodi here with the results from the 3rd week in our ReMe blog hop.   I'm a day late and apologize! I got  wrapped up in trying to fix some technology issues with my new computer that have consumed me for the last couple of days. Don't you love when things like that happen?  It's (kinda) all good now, so lets not wait any longer before we announce the results!!!!

And the winner for the prizes on Sweet Repeats is:

Blogger Myra said...
Your blog, like your art.... beautiful.
12:09 PM

Congratulations Myra!!! Send me your address at and I will get your goodies out to you!

And the winner for the giveaway on ReMe is:

Shared on my FB page.

Congratulations Tori!!


Congratulations to both of our winners and thank YOU to everyone who joined in our our first ever blog hop for ReMe! We are excited to bring to you a variety of events in the future, some destination getaways in a creative and relaxing atmosphere and soon to come, shorter one or two day workshop offerings in and around the Carolinas.
As a thank you--please stop by my Tutorial page on my website for a FREE collage sheet to use in your personal journals.
Stay tuned for our final stop on the blog hop where all of the instructors are joining in for one BIG giveaway, coming this Friday, February 28th! Believe me, you are not going to want to miss it!!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Renew Part Three of our "Rest, Relax, and Renew" Blog Hop and Giveaway!



      More on how I incorporate  'Renew' into my daily life and how the Outer Banks captured my heart.

            6.  Do something creative.  Chances are, if you are reading my blog,  I'm sure you already do have a creative desire within you.   Honor that desire and get lost in it. I try to do not only my normal work which is absolutely creative, but I also try to make time for something that’s not necessarily tied to a deadline  (such as journaling, sketching,  learning a new skill, or trying out new tools).  Use colors you don’t normally use or if you paint on canvas, try painting on paper.  Change things up and you may discover something amazing.


        7.   Treat yourself every once in a while. I used to think things like a pedicure or a manicure were a senseless waste of money. They are a luxury granted but your well-being is not to be taken for granted and if you feel good doing something or enjoy it, make doing that ‘thing’ something you save up for once a month or every two months.  You need to have things to look forward to in life.

     8. Take a break from work.  I know, I know…it can be hard especially if you work for yourself, or you are “THE ONE” at work that is counted on.  Here’s the thing that I’ve found to be true both when I was a bank manager, and now: The longer one has to do something, the longer it will take to do that thing. If you tell yourself, I have to have this done by 5 o’clock so I can enjoy my son’s soccer game….you make yourself do it.  Or on the flip side, you can stay late at work burning the midnight oil miss the game, miss family or friend time….where does that get you?  A few very focused hours are almost better than 10 unfocussed and very interrupted hours.  Life is too short not to live it. Stay focused so you can leave or break away from work so you can enjoy the personal side of your very important life with your cherished loved ones! That's an (for me, too...guilty as charged...but having lost someone way too soon that I cared deeply about recently drives home this point even more so).

(My handsome son and beautiful niece)  
9.   Connect.  Connect with family, friends, new friends, old friends, children, your spouse, or significant other.  In this electronic age, we are quickly missing that in person connection. The voice, the touch, the smell, the presence of those we hold dear can't be experienced with a screen or a digital device in our hands.   The wired world we live in makes it easy to be immediate, the truth is without the connection of our in person world and those we love we never feel rested, relaxed, renewed or whole for that matter.

10.   Lastly, one of the tips I’ve been trying to practice is just setting aside quiet time every day. Preferably early in the morning.   Some may call it mediation, but take 5-10 minutes and be alone in your thoughts before you start anything for the day.  Clear your mind, and become centered so that you can take on the world the rest of the day.

 This brings us to Ocracoke Island where we will be hosting two retreats this year (May is sold out but we have just a couple of spots open for registration for our October retreat, see the description at the bottom of this post. If you'd like to reserve your spot, the down payment button is located on the left hand sidebar).  

My first trip to the Outer Banks was about 2 years ago this Spring when I visited with Jean and another artsy friend. Having never seen sand dunes as big as a building before,  or experienced the quiet expanse of a marsh up close and personal, nor seen let a lone touch a light house in my entire life...along with riding in a truck ON the beach that was as quiet as could be in the best possible way, well, I'm not sure how one couldn't feel refreshed and renewed. The journey to get to Ocracoke island is a pleasure in itself, but once you step foot on the island, to me, it brought me back to my childhood as the life is slower there, more relaxed, and peaceful.  It's beautiful and its homey. It's an  island but it is also a  neighborhood and a family with a rich history all rolled up into one.

Prior to visiting the island on both occasions, my life was somewhat spiraling. That's a story for another time.

I left, relaxed, well rested, and renewed. 

I brought my bike last year to ride around and it was the best feeling ever to just be alone and feel the wind dance on my face along with the sun hitting my arms.  I noticed every stop had a bike rack. Grocery store, coffee shop, restaurant, ferry, beach of course...How often do you see that anymore?  I also became enthralled with the history of the Outer Banks wanting to take in more, learn more about the lifestyle of these hardy family orientated  and resourceful people.  The whole experience gave me fodder to feed on for a lifetime in my art and I have seen it materialize more and more. 
My city scapes have turned into Beach scapes:

 My Girls have turned into Mermaids:
My Abstracts Often turn to a Water or Sea Themed

*Evolve happens to be similar to a project we will be doing during my class during our May and October Event.

Over the last few weeks Jean, Penny and I have shared with you what our ReMe motto means to us,  so that you know that we have created our new venture, ReMe Retreats, with those of you in mind who crave that sense of peacefulness in an experience.  We want to provide you with the means to renew your spirit, in a place where you can truly connect with other like minded people on a small, intimate basis.

We have taken care of the details, all we need now is for you to join us.:)

For my giveaway, I created an abstract just for enter to win this piece:

 Textured as the land and sea...
 Places of calm between the earth, water and sun....

My gift to a chance to ReNew.  
10x10 mixed media acrylic

Simply tell me one place you go to or thing you do for yourself to wash away the stresses of your day to day life.  
We all benefit when we share ideas!!

Leave a comment here now through Sunday at 12:00am (Or would that be technically Monday?? :)
SHARE THIS POST for a second chance to win, just come back and tell us that you've shared it and where.  

Random winner will be drawn and announced on Monday,  February 24th. 

Now excuse me while I grab a book and take a nice long hot soak in the tub.  Pamper yourself today and everyday.  You will be Renewed!:)

**View from one of the many porches of our historic Inn on Ocracoke where the retreat will be hosted.


Currently Available Event(s):

ReMe – Ocracoke Fall 2014
October 20th – 25th

The Outer Banks in the fall is a truly wonderful time of year to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.  It’s sure to be even more so when shared with new friends you have yet to meet!  Our FAQ page provides a look at everything that is a part of the ReMe Experience.  We only have a few spots left for this event.  You can secure yours by clicking on the PayPal button in the upper left of this page to make your deposit.  ReMe-Ocracoke is an all inclusive event, outside of your transportation to and from the event location.  We’ll have you covered:  meals, lodging, classes, materials, tools, afternoon cocktails, local flavor, and memories galore!  Let us show you why ReMe isn’t just a Retreat, it’s an Experience.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The ReMe Blog Hop -- Week 2 Winners!

Thank you to all who visited us over the weekend to share your stories on your favorite ways and places for Relaxation!  I am tickled to announce the results of the most scientifically conducted drawing for our winners!

The winner from my personal blog entrants, as chosen by my incredible assistant Wito the Wonder Dog, is Lynn.  Lynn will receive an Arrowood Paper Arts FolioBook!  Congratulations, and thanks!

Winner:  Lynn

From here on the ReMe blog, our winner is Brittany!  WOW!  Congratulations on your win, for two weeks in a row!  Brittany will receive my original mixed media canvas "Pieces of the Sky:  Green II - Relax"

Pieces of the Sky:  Green II - Relax
Winner:  Brittany
.,..and for all you inquiring minds, this is how it was done!  I am lucky to have such a willing (aka biscuit loving) assistant in Wito (My Girl Friday).

As an additional token of my thanks for your support of our 1st Blog Hop, any participants who send me their mailing addresses TODAY (by midnight, 02/17 EST) will receive a little hand-made goodie, too!

Please join us again, this Friday (02/21), as Jodi shares her stories of what Renew means in her day-to-day life as well as how that happens for her in our beloved Ocracoke.  She will have all the details of her giveaways available then.  (Visit/bookmark Jodi's blog)

We have MORE surprises and BIG news coming on the fourth of our Fridays in February (02/28) -- we'll look forward to seeing you, here!  You won't want to miss a minute of what's coming!

Wishing you a wonderful week -- may you find a little time to treat yourself to a bit of Relaxation!

For all of us here at ReMe Retreats,
 - Penny

Friday, February 14, 2014

Let the Hopping Continue -- Welcome to Week 2 of The Great ReMe Blog Hop: Relax

Greetings!  Thank you for joining in the fun of the 1st Ever ReMe Blog Hop!  Penny Arrowood here for Week 2 of our journey through how the ReMe Motto:  Rest - Relax - Renew applies to our everyday lives.

For me, even before I arrive in Ocracoke, the relaxing begins!  It awakens in the knowledge that I am approaching my destination, and it sets in in earnest once I am on the ferry from Hatteras.  The low, steady hum of the engines, as it churns across the water, provides a bass-line to the rhythm that will suffuse the days to come.  Standing in the open air on deck is a balm to frazzled nerves.  Arrival on the Island and departure from the ferry marks a time change that doesn’t appear on any clock/chart.  …as if the cares of the mainland drift away on the sea breeze…  The drive down Hwy 12 is like a meditation – preparing the mind and spirit for the detachment that comes from ‘getting away.’ 

"C'mon baby drive south..."
I think John Hiatt was on to something

Ocracoke is described by many as a magical destination, and I can think of none more apt.  It seems borne of the purpose to ease the weary:  the friendly people, the myriad options for play, the special wonder of a seaside locale…  Regardless the amount of time you have to spend, one can find as much or as little to do as suits!  Our historical lodgings for ReMe-Ocracoke only add to the magic of the island itself:  the legacy of the place, the wide front porch with its many rockers, the hand wrought samplers adorning the walls, the reassuring comfort of a banister worn smooth by a century of hands, the numerous nooks to tuck into for a moment of reflection…  It’s the perfect place to Relax.

Simple Pleasures
I enjoy getting out & about as much as I do hunkering down when I get to spend time in Ocracoke.  There are numerous options for shopping, eating, drinking, and exploring (my personal faves can be found by following the links for each activity) – photographic opportunities abound.  It is a fabulous place to enjoy both with friends, or on your own *or with that special someone – nudge, nudge; wink, wink*  Being  a slender, finger of an island, one is never far from either the sound or the sea – bordered as it is by the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.  That fact only adds to the magic, and is most likely the reason that sunsets in Ocracoke are like front row tickets to a Watercolor Light Show every evening – providing the perfect opportunity to relax and reflect on the wonders of the day.

A Handful of Sunsets
As much as I enjoy getting lost in a good book at home, it is doubly enjoyable amidst the sun, sea, and breeze of Ocracoke.  Whether lounging by the ocean, or settling into a comfy rocking chair, reading is the perfect way to unplug and enjoy being adrift in this alternate time zone.

For all of these reasons and more Jean, Jodi, and I are beyond excited about our upcoming offerings in Ocracoke!  We have SO much in store for our Guests at ReMe Retreats – and while May of 2014 is full, there are a couple of spots remaining in October.  We revel in the knowledge that we will be adding to the magic of the location as we Rest, Relax, and Renew with you!

Ocracoke Treasures

So, how do you Relax?  What might be your favorite way to Relax in Ocracoke?  Do you have a “go-to” haven that is your perfect place to Relax?  Share it with us in a comment here, and you will be entered to win an original work of art by yours truly!  Our Week 2 Winner will receive “Green #2 – Relax” from my Pieces of the Sky series.   If you share this post via Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and leave a separate comment telling us how & where you spread the word, you will earn additional entry(ies) into this weeks drawing.  The Winner will be announced right here on Monday, February 17th at Noon o’clock!

Pieces of the Sky:  Green II - Relax

Don’t forget to join us again, next Friday (February 21st), for Jodi’s post:  Renew.  More to see, learn, and enjoy about our inaugural destination – and another chance to win more ART!

 - penny

Currently Available Event(s):

ReMe – Ocracoke Fall 2014
October 20th – 25th

The Outer Banks in the fall is a truly wonderful time of year to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.  It’s sure to be even more so when shared with new friends you have yet to meet!  Our FAQ page provides a look at everything that is a part of the ReMe Experience.  We only have a few spots left for this event.  You can secure yours by clicking on the PayPal button in the upper left of this page to make your deposit.  ReMe-Ocracoke is an all inclusive event, outside of your transportation to and from the event location.  We’ll have you covered:  meals, lodging, classes, materials, tools, afternoon cocktails, local flavor, and memories galore!  Let us show you why ReMe isn’t just a Retreat, it’s an Experience.
Join our mailing list for all the latest news – availability, Subscriber only events, behind the scenes coverage, and new events on the horizon!

Monday, February 10, 2014

The ReMe Blog Hop... Week 1 Winners!

I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the results of the first week of our ReMe Blog Hop! And the winners are…

From the Jean Skipper Originals Blog… Kathy Cawthon, aka “That Allison Girl”, you’ve won a set of six of my mixed greeting cards and magnets!
From the ReMe Blog… Brittany, you’ve won my hand stamped Rest Relax Renew Necklace!
Congratulations to both of you! Please send me an email message to me at jeanskipper(at) with your mailing address, and I’ll send your prizes on their way to you.
To all who participated, thank you! Since this was my first ever participation in a blog hop, I’d also love to send you a small token of my appreciation. If you’re interested, please send an email message to me at jeanskipper(at) with your name and mailing address.

And finally, for all who are reading this, please remember that there will be three more weeks of blog hopping goodness for you. This Friday, February 14th, Penny Arrowood will provide us with her interpretation of the word, “Relax”. (Please click here to visit Penny’s blog.) On Friday, February 21st, Jodi Ohl’s posts will be all about the word, “Renew”. (Please click here to visit Jodi’sblog.) And finally, on Friday, February 28th, we’ll unveil the mother of all “Rest. Relax. Renew” giveaways to you on our very own ReMe Blog. (Please click here to visit the ReMe Blog.
Thank you again for joining us, and I’ll see you at The Hop!